WILL POWER is the most important part in the quit process of tobacco. WILL power with the mindset to win!

The cold turkey method for quitting is totally based on will power. COLD TURKEY – you quit at one go! This usually happens when one gets a realisation of the harm by tobacco. The harm that has happened to self or to a close relative is mostly the advanced complication due to tobacco.

Mr. Kamal, a well-established chartered accountant, is a regular smoker of 15-20 sticks per day. His father, also a smoker, had a cardiac attack. While attending to his father, Mr. Kamal, realised the health hazards of tobacco. He already had early signs of harm due to tobacco.  His daughter was only 5 years old. He has smoked for 12 years already. He decided to quit. But at present the stress was too high. 3 months later on his trip to Haridwar, he had his last puff and gave away the cigarette lighter all to God Shiv and Goddess Ganga. He had a strong will power and he had prepared himself enough. It is now 11 years.

Mr. Raju decided to quit after he himself had a minor cardiac problem and when the doctor said the main reason for the problem is smoking. He used to take 10-12 cigarettes per day. He went cold turkey. Around 3 months later during a party with his friends, he took one puff and was again a regular. He continued for 8 years and in between he had multiple attempts. It is now 6 months following my intervention with Behavioural therapy and Medication, that Mr. Raju has successfully quit smoking.

Yes, WILL POWER is a must and is required but it may not be enough. WILL power needs constant efforts by your mind. Like any muscle, your mind can also get fatigued. It can be overwhelmed and then you would be back to your old habit. Do you have enough of will power to quit? TEST YOUR WILL POWER HERE.

A strong will power needs a progressive mind. YOUR MIND IS YOUR BIGGEST BLOCK.

Besides Mind may not be enough, the environment is also very important to keep your will power strong. We will learn about this in the coming blogs.

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