It may be difficult to change one’s habit, adopt a new habit; more often than not the greatest challenge is to change the mindset.  Your mind is a powerful thing, what you tell yourself and the things you believe about yourself can either prevent change from happening or allow new skills to blossom.

Talking about mind, Dr Caroll Dweck described mind as – “Fixed Mindset” and a “Growth Mindset”. In a fixed mindset a person believes that his ability in a particular area is fixed, while using the growth mindset, one believes that he can improve, learn and build upon their current abilities. This is true with tobacco. This mindset is important. For some who have tried earlier but failed, it is on them now what.

I see two types of people – one with the fixed mindset who believe that they cannot quit, and if they do it will harm them. The one with the growth mindset would learn from the past, improve and with the help of specialist make a plan and would be able to quit.

The greatest challenge is the mindset. As a tobacco cessation specialist one should learn to change the mindset of the person from fixed to growth. The fixed mindset is dangerous it prevents your important skill development and growth, which could sabotage your health and happiness in the future. Know the early signs of changes now.

Recently I met two patients with similar situation. One a doctor and other a business man. Middle-aged into smoking since college days. Had angiography and stenting done, one 6 years back and the other 8 years back. They were advised to quit smoking obviously. However, they continued to smoke but had 3-4 failed attempts. I counselled them. The business man was progressive and could understand with a growth mindset. He took the plan we made for him. He would track the challenges, was on constant touch with me over phone and whatsapp; noting and taking suggestions. He is already in the winning pathway and last time I met him, he said that sir now smoking is the thing of the past.

The doctor was of fixed mindset – “I can quit when I want to”, but he had a strong feeling that he will be harmed if he quits, although he sat through my counselling but was non responsive. He has not answered any of my phone call or to messages. Learning and excepting new skill is a process and everyone would respond differently.

When one focusses on the new skills and habits the process, success will come and there will be progress. But if one focuses only on the result without going through the process there is likely to be despair, anger and guilt.

Let us take one step at a time. Learn from our past and progress in our path to success. Yes we can quit smoking or chewing tobacco.

Note the early signs of tobacco use. If you have any, it is time to quit now, better not to repent later. Note your cravings and triggers. Talk to your tobacco cessation expert, draw a plan focus on the process and sure you would be a WINNER!

If you have quit successfully, INSPIRE OTHERS, SHARE YOUR STORY.