How and when should you recognize that you must quit your habit of tobacco?

In my last blog, I had enumerated 27 signs to recognize early subtle changes in our body while taking tobacco. Unfortunately most goes underestimated and unnoticed because enjoying the smoke/tobacco is the priority. We are not aware about these changes until someone points it to us. In this blog I will talk about what is in store if you continue to smoke. Recognize them as early as you can and it may still not be too late to quit tobacco now.

In the second stage of your tobacco use, your consumption will increase sufficiently to cause you more cravings than usual and you will find that you are depleting your financial resources faster than before. This is the beginning of addiction and second hint to quit tobacco or else it will lead to severe and fatal health conditions.

How do you then know if you are addicted and need immediate expert’s help?

Increased Cravings
  1. Increased cravings; requiring more tobacco for satisfaction
  2. Tobacco consumption in routine habits like driving, eating meals, watching TV, etc.
  3. Decreased concentration
  4. unable to control cravings beyond 2 hours; experiencing withdrawal symptoms like panic attacks, depression, trouble in sleeping, increased appetite and weight gain
  5. Infection in lungs leading to severe breathing problems/asthma
  6. Influenza
  7. Infertility
  8. Stains on fingers
  9. Symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  10. Bronchitis
  11. Constricted blood vessels
  12. Blood clotting

For Women specially:

  1. Infertility
  2. Miscarriages
  3. Neural tube defects
  4. Lower infant birth weight
  5. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  6. Early menopause
  7. Irregular periods

This is the time when you must seriously visit a cessation expert to help you get over your habit of tobacco. You will need both medication and counselling to get de-addicted from tobacco. If you delay in this stage to quit, then the consequences will be very fatal and you might develop severe diseases like COPD, Oral cancer and more!

It is better to adopt MED not Medicine.

Spread the message. Let your friends also be tobacco free.

ICanCaRe App


In the next blog we would talk about the advanced complications due to tobacco consumption.

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