Everyday millions ask Google – “How can I stay healthy?” and Google gives another million answers to this question. It varies from personal experiences to expert advices on how to live longer with a healthy lifestyle and habit. It all sums up to one point – “Stay away from MEDICINE. Just follow MED.”

The new age formula to keep healthy and active is here – Meditation, Exercise and Diet (MED). It is a simple three step process and should be followed regularly to keep you dynamic and energetic at all times.

Meditation keeps your mind at peace, stabilizes your mental energy, enhances concentration and lets you make a wiser decision in every walk of life. A daily 30 minutes meditation is enough to help you get control of your own self. Similarly exercising for 30 minutes regularly keep you fit and revitalized. It is a great stress buster for many. And the most important is diet. Eating fruits, leafy vegetables and other nutritious items gives all the vital vitamins and minerals to the body to keep it vary of any disease.

Eating healthy for 6 days by controlling one’s urge to fast foods and other oily products and munching your favourite food on the 7th day is a key mantra to many of your problems – especially obesity. In the present era the jobs have become more demanding and on average an adult spends 15 hours of their life being sedentary. This is the reason for early illness, tiredness and faster ageing. Therefore controlling the urge for non-healthy food for 6 days will help your body detoxify all that is already accumulated.

Another big question many have is – “When is the time for meditation and exercise?” People around are running a rat race to fulfil all their dreams and responsibilities. The only thing for which they don’t have time is they, themselves. 24 hours falls short for any activity to keep fit. There’s only one complaint – Time crunch and paucity!

But let me tell you that all it needs is a will power to get yourself relaxed and fit. It is the unwillingness that prevents you to follow MED and procrastinate till the time you become sick and it becomes a mandate to follow MED if you want to survive. Let me give you some tips of where you can adjust your time to exercise and meditate-

  • Run and play with your kids for an hour. A win-win situation for both of you. You spend time with your kids and running helps you exercise
  • Women while cooking can perform neck shoulder and hand exercises. They can also do pranayama if they are comfortable
  • While at work, when you take break for tea or coffee, do pranayama and deep breathing for 10 minutes with your colleagues. 2 breaks will give you 20 minutes and this is enough for you to feel fresh and relaxed
  • Try to train yourself to do pranayama and yoga while watching TV because you can then spend more time in exercising and need not put in extra effort
  • When you are out for shopping, park vehicles a little farther from market and speed walk through your entire course of shops
  • When you are talking on phone (a non-official call), try speed walking around your office premises. Do not follow this practice everywhere. Your safety is important
  • Try to practice “Shava” asana before sleeping. A 15 mins shava asana is again sufficient enough to relax and give you deep sleep
  • Make it a habit to go over weekends with kids and friends and spend time in sports and field activities so that you spend energy and your body is exercising

There are many ways how you can train yourself to follow MED in your routine activities and you need not put in any extra efforts. I’ll dedicate my next blog to only discuss ways in which you can incorporate MED in your routine activities without putting in additional efforts. Till then stay healthy and keep sharing your ideas of how to follow MED in your daily activities.