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Transforming  Healthcare! Transforming Lives!

On occasion of World Cancer Day, we proudly announce the inauguration of our very first Tobacco Wellness Centre in collaboration with Noida Medicare Centre (NMC), at 16C, Block E, Sector 30, Noida under the guidance of our expert Dr. Pawan Gupta and dedicated team of doctors at NMC headed by Dr. Vaishnav and Dr. Keshav Nathani.

In India itself, tobacco kills more than 1 million people every year. That’s 9.5% of all deaths! 79% of these deaths can be easily prevented if people quitted tobacco and adopted a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that the most common way tobacco kills is by heart disease and stroke. 48% deaths are caused due to cardio vascular diseases from the consumption of tobacco. This is very alarming!

That’s why we made the first leap for setting up the Wellness Center that aims to prevent tobacco related deaths. A person who walks into this center shall come with the disease – TOBACCO; but walk out free from its addiction – A LIVELIER YOU! In this center you will experience intensive care with our cessation experts and counselors who will make your quit tobacco journey very smooth and less troublesome.

You will feel more empowered, positive and active with every visit! Towards the end of your visits, you would have won over tobacco by learning how to cope with your withdrawal symptoms, handle urges, divert yourself to a new activity to refrain from consuming tobacco; become more socialized and accepted by your family, friends and colleagues; feel less stressed and anxious; and of course have enhanced concentration to forge ahead in meeting your goals.

Inauguration of Wellness Center

At this center you will experience care that will help you to reshape yourself into a more dynamic, rejuvenated and enthusiastic individual who is ready to lead a healthy life with doubled rigour and spirit. Your success will motivate a lot other patients who would be visiting the center for similar treatment.

Dr. Pawan Gupta said, “A healthy you is a healthy Nation! Stop this epidemic of tobacco. Join hands together to win over this deadly disease.” Together with him we are striving to put an end to this dreaded epidemic that is not only cancering us but also making us economically weaker. This Wellness Centre is our first step towards intensive care, medication, treatment and rehabilitation for tobacco and its related illness.

Dr. Avnica Agrawal carrying out counselling session

Come visit us; bring your loved ones to get healed and de-addicted so that you are relived of all the psychological, financial, social and emotional pressures. Get yourself screened, know your health index and get rehabilitated through counselling and pharmacotherapy with the cessation experts.

Dedicated Team at Noida Medicare Center

We promise that you will save much more and spend way less than what you will for getting cured of the tobacco related diseases. We also promise that we will provide the utmost treatment and care to get you back to a tobacco free you!

Say yes to a Tobacco Free, clean, green, healthy and lively India!