A unique person.

A person who has experienced Yama (the GOD of Death) from close quarters, knocking the door – but had to leave empty handed.

A new Life! A new beginning.

A sudden realization of what is life and a motivation to do something for the society.

A unique turn in life, Life which has now a new meaning.

CANCER WINNER – A term coined by Dr Pawan Gupta in 2006. This term is used to describe a cancer patient who has undergone the treatment and is living with a positive spirit. This was used by him to change the attitude towards cancer, from “fight against cancer” to “win over cancer”, till then these patients were described as cancer survivors.

The Cancer Winners encourage the new cancer patients in their respective areas to undergo treatment and live with a positive spirit and become a winner like them. The cancer winners share success stories and also issues related to the disease and life beyond cancer.

Winning is an attitude. Winners are not immortals. But they live in a positive spirit. There are two ways of living HA HA.. (positive) and hai hai (poor thing always cursing). The choice is yours. Positive people are happy, loving, generous, giving, helping, serving people. So they develop magnetic personality and are honored, loved, respected and even worshiped.

By joining this platform of Cancer Winners you will have an opportunity to guide someone who looks forward to be a cancer winner him/herself, you share your experience and motivate others, you guide the doctor community as a whole as to what they are required to deliver, you spread messages to common public for lifestyle modification, prevention and early detection, you are an inspiration to many others to live in a positive spirit.

Categories of “Cancer Winners”

1. Who have suffered through the disease, has or wishes to achieve a positive state of mind – the spirit of ‘I CAN WIN’

2. Care taker of a cancer patient, who wishes to make her/him a winner.

3. A social person who wishes to be cancer aware and propagate cancer awareness in the society.

4. An Oncologist, physician, surgeon or other professionals who believes in winning over cancer and not just fight against cancer.