Doctor – An oncologist has a great role to play to make a cancer patient, a cancer survivor, a winner.

Hand holding, through the darkest hours of a cancer patient life, during the period of transformation and thereafter, and how the doctor does it will determine whether a patient be just a survivor or a winner.

A cancer patient lives in fear, an unknown fear of life, a life which no one else can experience.

Early detection, prompt treatment and quick rehabilitation are the mantra for cancer patient to become a cancer winner. An oncologist has to understand that rehabilitation is as much important as treatment, and he has a great role to play in this.

The following are the important elements of a Good oncologist

  • Knowledge
  • Empathy
  • Spiritualism

Oncologist has the power to change course of life of a cancer patient.

The truth is that they have an enormous ability to help their patients and create a positive impact in their life, which is why they command so much respect. The problem is that today’s oncologists think of themselves primarily as being intellectual scientists, whose job is to order the right tests, make the right diagnosis, and provide the right treatment. Believe their work ends here!

This in reality is a very small part of what an oncologist do to help patients become a winner – Oncologists’ important tasks are far more intangible, and one need to use the heart much more than the heads to do them well ! He is the bedrock of support whom the patient can fall back on when she is going through a rough patch in her life – someone she can trust and depend on during her darkest hours.

The way we talk, the way we smile, the way we hold our patient’s hands, and the way we connect with her has a far greater impact on the patient’s life than just providing the right diagnosis or the right treatment. This is something which one should not underestimate.

During times of crisis – and every illness can be filled with stress and loneliness and angst, a patient needs to know that there is someone she can depend on – someone who know her, cares for her, and will hold her hand during her darkest moments – someone who will provide her a shoulder to cry on, and a human connection.

This is the kind of support which a doctor is privileged to be able to provide, and we need to understand the significance of this role which we can play in our patient’s lives, which far outweighs anything we can do as regards diagnosis and treatment. We are far more than technicians , and while we cannot always cure our patients, we can always provide support and succor!

We are blessed to be in this privileged position, where we are privy to another human’s innermost fears and desires – let’s learn to wield this power with care and compassion


The ONCOLOGIST by his body language lets the patient know that – I CAN CARE. Together we can.

There is a positive life beyond cancer.

Dr. Pawan Gupta M.Ch. – Cancer Surgeon, Social Activist and Author